Ensemble Windstreken

'Unique sound…magnificent melodies.' ***** Volkskrant

NEWS: Windstreken recently recorded Folies, their latest CD to be released in November 2017 (Music & Words). On this CD ,the ensemble collaborates with soprano Nicole Jordan and trumpet player/composer Leonard Evers. Folies includes original compositions, improvisations, as well as contemporary orchestrations of various medieval melodies and traditional pieces.

For more information go to discography and check out our latest video featuring music from the CD!

 “Writing for Windstreken is an enormous joy and totally different from composing for other groups. In particular, the versatility of Windstreken is exceptional. ..a fantastic experience for a composer!”  Leonard Evers


Windstreken was founded in 2004 by flutist/saxophonist Pieter de Mast. The ensemble makes connections between very diverse musical styles. Their music combines jazz improvisation with medieval and contemporary classical music as well as Indian and North African traditions. The eclectic line-up of alto flute, saxophone, ud, classical organ, cello and percussion is further enhanced with the special addition of some renowned guest musicians. Windstreken has released five CDs and the ensemble has performed on many national and international stages, for example, the international Organ Festival, Malta Arts Festival, Gaudeamus Festival, Sfinks mixed (B), and the Dutch television program, Vrije Geluiden.


Pieter de Mast (soprano saxophone & flutes)
Sebastiaan van Delft (organ, harmonium, Fender Rhodes)
Kamal Hors (ud & voice)
Jörg Brinkmann (cello)
Udo Demandt (percussion)

Other combinations (Quartet, Trio, Duo) available on request

Guest musicians:

Nicole Jordan (soprano)
Leonard Evers (trumpet/flugelhorn)
Oene van Geel (viola)

Promo photos: © Milan Photography          Windstreken is supported by NFPK